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MISSION STATEMENT FOR ASSN9 RANCH: At AssN9 Ranch, we strive to produce animals that are superb halter animals that excel in the performance ring, that make an extremely versatile competitors and companions. 



BlueGrass Mallery (aka Diva) named

2014 NMDA Jennet of the Year

At AssN9 Ranch, BlueGrass Mallery is affectionately known as “Diva”.  She has an unusual story for a jennet that has won the year end high point award.  As you may remember, AssN9 Cloud Nine was the 2013 NMDA High Point Champion Jennet (sire: AssN9’s BlueGrass Littlejohn).  Late in the 2013 show season we got an unsolicited offer to purchase Cloud Nine.  That left my husband Jim without a donkey to show in 2014.  We considered what we had on the farm, and we were very pleased with our offspring from our jack, BlueGrass Littlejohn.  Littlejohn had consistently thrown foals with the right mind, movement and conformation to be both halter and performance champions.  Though we had several youngsters ready to train, none were old enough to drive.  Mallery was the only animal on the farm that was Littlejohn’s offspring that was old enough.  We had purchased Mallery from a friend who had just offered her to us out of the blue about a year earlier.  We purchased her to have a brood jennet out of Littlejohn.  We NEVER dreamed we would show her.  She was 7 years old when we purchased her, she had foal a year later….and she still had the foal (sire: Sunset Acre’s Rowdy Yates) at her side when we sold Cloud Nine.  Oh, well, let’s give this a try.  Littlejohn was never trained to cart until he was 13 years old.  We took the foal off of Mallery at 4-5 months and sent her to boot camp at Sandi Costa’s.  We did not exactly mention to Sandi that Mallery was 8 yr old, had a foal, and had never been anything but a pasture ornament.  Mallery really excelled in her training.  She is mischievous, brave, loves attention and is an amazing athlete.  We asked Sandi after about a month of training how she was doing.  Her reply was, “she has two speeds, fast, and supersonic!”.  Sandi dubbed Mallery with the name “Diva”.  It seemed to fit her!  Jim was kind of excited about his new performance prospect, but his specific words were, “Well, Mallery will give me something to play around with until one of our other Littlejohn foals is old enough”. 

We also decided that we would try a team this year.  So we took my performance donkey, “Daisy” (officially Long Run My Girl) to Texas to learn to team drive with Diva.  So was born the “D-Team”.  The D-Team girls really complement each other.  Diva is strong, fearless and fast.  Daisy knows all the voice commands, is responsive and can turn on a dime.  Both of the girls have the long, extended and floating movement that we like to see.  They really like each other and appear to move as one animal under harness.  The D-Team won Team High Point Champions at all three shows the attended in 2014, including the Kansas Donkey Days National NMDA show, and the ADMS National show in Bryan, TX and the Kansas State Fair, Hutchison, KS.

Diva far surpassed our expectations this year.  Her statistics for the year include High Point Champion Green at: The Great Celebration at Shelbyville, TN; Kansas State Fair, Hutchison, KS.  Reserve High Point Green at: SDMS Spring Show at Corsicana, TX; The Texas State Championship (ADMS National show, and NMDA show at Bryan, TX); Texas State Fair.  Jim’s most proud moment was at Shelbyville where they won Green High Point AND Grand Champion Halter jennet.  Diva is truly what we strive for at AssN9 Ranch, “Pretty, Performance, PERFECTION”.  Click Here for Diva's Page


AssN9 Ranch "D Team"


aka Long Run My Girl and BlueGrass Mallery


AssN9 Ranch has put together a new team. We call them the “D Team”. The "D-Team" made their debut at the 2014 NMDA show in Kansas in May where they won High Point in Green Team. Daisy is proven performer. She has multiple High Point and Reserver High Point Championships.  Diva is new to driving but is a half sister to "Spot". She is already exhibiting some of the qualities that made Spot a multiple champion.   For more information on the D Team's accomplishmennts, click here for the D Team's page.






AssN9 Cloud Nine (aka Spot) named 2013 NMDA Jennet of the Year

Click Here to go to Spot's page




AssN9 Ranch is located in central Oklahoma, about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City.  We have 45 acres of rolling hills with several barns.  The donkeys share the acreage with a couple dogs, three horses and one standard donkey.  Most of our herd can be traced back to the imports.  We are dedicated to producing high quality Mediterranean Donkeys.  All our miniature donkeys are handled daily and imprinted at birth.  Our lines include Cobra, Valentino, Philamena, Magnum 45, and others. 

Miniature Donkeys make wonderful pets.  The are friendly, gentle and comical!!  They can carry small children, pull a cart, or just help you keep the grass mowed.

Everyone knows that the little donkey carries a cross on his back, however, most people don't know the story of the donkey's cross. The Legend of the Donkey Cross